As a (strange) birthday present to myself on the 1st August, I am making the decision to try the 30 day vegan challenge. 
I grew up in a household where my mum is a vegetarian so  I have always been exposed to vegetarian cooking and living. I also have always been told very honestly how we get meat, animal products and what animal testing for medicine and cosmetics entails. It's kind of inevitable that I have entered this stage of my life, considering all of this! Last Christmas I made the switch to cruelty-free make up and household products and I have been a vegetarian since July.  
I plan to stay a vegetarian 100% after August and I really hope I can stay vegan too. I think this will certainly be a challenge - milk seems to be sneaked into every food going and I love haribo the way most people love chocolate. I am also doubling the intensity of the challenge as I am gluten free too! 

My reasons for becoming vegan are that I don't agree with the way we farm or treat animals. I think that eating animals is fine, if killed and farmed humanely. Unfortunately, this just isn't the way the world is right now so morally, I am choosing to distance myself from this practise of animal abuse.

Any information, help or advice anyone could give me would be really appreciated!! 
I plan to document my journey through my blog and instagram and hopefully will be trying lots of new fun recipes and can absolutely ace this challenge !!! 

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