What Kind of stories do you want to write?
My number one is the story of my Nan. This is also a massive conflict in my life because she doesn't think it is worth telling. Or particularly want it to be told. 
I only know the half of what is a long life full of hardship, drama and love. 

These pages tell the story from what I know but because of my internal struggle with sharing it - I have covered or left out a lot of it.
One day I hope I get the courage to ask her more and I hope that day is soon. 
Then I will share, because I am proud of her and because I think her story is one with so many lessons we can all earn from. 

- collage, felt tip & marker pen

Born 95 years ago and still going strong. 

- felt tips, washi tape & marker pen

Because when it's your life, what makes it extraordinary? You know no different. 
Separated from your family, not all starts are easy. 
Raising someone else's child, it's still love. 
Living in London during WW2, It's my home. 

True Grit
- felt tip & photoshop

It's like she has steel running through her. Someone told her a few weeks ago that she is probably still alive due to pure determination. 
She laughed - I think it is true. 

Even The Imaginary
- felt tip & marker pen

I wanted to end on a lighthearted note because it got me down thinking about all the horrible things my Nan has witnessed in her life. 
Obviously, all of her story is true but I think you can never under estimate the power of imagination. It is what makes all stories come alive to us and it is what I think keeps me going in life. Imaginary stories are some of the best books, films and art pieces that exist, and that should be celebrated as much as autobiographical stories. 


  1. what an amazing life she must have led. My grand-mother died at 101, three years ago. They must have seen some very tough times, these women. And we're (meaning my family and I) on the other side of the ocean, far removed from where the two great wars happened. I think it's beautiful that you want to honor her this way.

    1. Thank You, it's just undescribable what it must of been like and I wonder if we will see as much in our lifetimes? You're grandmother gives me hope that mine will stay strong for a few more years yet.. maybe enough time for me to get this story out! You thinking it's nice that I wish to honour her like this helps me, I feel like I'm torn between it being her personal life and it being part of my family history. I'm going to see her at the end of August and I might show her my journal :)

  2. It's a tricky dilemna, it makes me think of my grandparents and the stories they told me which become foggy over time. It is important to tell our stories, I am having so many insights doing FYV2015, but not enough time spent yet writing! However I feel it has had an impact on my art journaling and blog post writing. I hope your Nanna likes what you have done, she may need some coaching on the importance of telling your story and that all our stories are worth telling. Good luck with that x

    1. Exactly Emily, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels this way! :) xo