This weeks lesson for FYV got me ridiculous inspired. 
And i'm not being dramatic here - I created A LOT on Thursday evening, holed up in my bedroom, collaging and writing in a tiny corner. I like to be in small spaces - I think maybe it's because I'm a small person but big wide spaces make me feel a bit vulnerable. The lesson this week was about knowing yourself and your story first and foremost. I usually hate writing or documenting about myself so I am really surprised at how quickly I took to this weeks lesson - 
and all the pages I was able to create!

I thought about condensing this post into two because there would be a lot to show and people might find it a bit much.. but, I am proud of what I made and think that these pages should be shared together as they are all from the same prompt. 

So, here we go... (get yourself a nice cup of tea or something)

- paper, magazine, washi tape, stamps & pen

I am 27 next month. I think this page perfectly describes how I feel about that (!!!)
Getting older doesn't phase me, I subscribe to the school of thought that it is a privilege- no matter what your age. The thing that does bother me though is being an adult when I still feel like a teenager. As well as social pressures of everyone I know getting engaged and having babies when all I can think is.. 
No Thanks! I feel like all of that stuff is in the future for me and then I think maybe I am that future self now and I get a bit freaked out. 
So I made a page about it. 

- marbling, washi tape, japanese paper & marker pen

I have always been borderline obsessed about my name. Even though a lot of people call me by nicknames, I have always loved being a Julia.
I like the way it sounds, I like writing it, I like seeing it printed in books. 
I have never met another Julia so it has always felt special to me, like it's just mine. 
I am named after a Beatles B side song and the words i have written are from the lyrics.

 Please return
- photography, washi tape, letters, collage & paint

Going back to my actual FYV theme here. I want to document the stories of those who's might of been lost. 
This photograph I brought in a pack of old vintage ones from Spitalfields Market about 5 years ago. I thought I had lost this particular one and then it turned up at my parent house last month (literally, just was on the dinig room table one day) so I think it came back to me for some reason. 
It makes me sad that you can buy memories like this, I want to return her and give her a proper story but as I don't know it, I just wrote down what I thought it might be, behind the picture.  

Hard of Heart
- magazine, tea stain, washi tape, spray paint & pen

I am a hard of heart person. I don't mean to be but I know that my reactions are sometimes a surprise for some people because they're not regular. 
I can be blunt and selfish and quite headstrong. 
I'm not a snake, it just takes me a long time to let people in and to show my feelings. 
I can talk about them easily and I can express them well but I often don't really feel anything for months after an event. 

I'm still trying to figure out if this is a bad thing or just me.

Country Girl 
- magazine, tea stain, washi tape, stamp & pen

The radish stamp has a purpose! This page is about my roots, about coming from the countryside and how my heart will always be there. 
I think it doesn't matter how long I am away for, Norfolk will always be home to me.

- felt tips, stamp, washi tape & pen

And where I am now. I always wanted to live in a city and Leeds feels just right for me. <3 


  1. I am blown away Julia. This is great work, you are going in deep and straight and true to you. I love it, your work makes me want to step it up. So inspiring!

  2. I can't get enough of your pages - don't ever feel like it's too much to share at once! :)