Season of brave week 4!
I'm a little behind on this weeks (actually last weeks) post so when I join the link up, I'll be adding to an already established list of lovely art-journallers! 
If you are reading this, please check out the other crafty girls in our get messy gang... you wont regret it! :D 

Anyway, season of brave, week 4... 

'Clarissa Explains it all'
- collage, watercolour & photoshop

When I was a child, I was bravest in my expression of self through clothes.
My parents used to tease me and call it my refugee look, because of the random outfits I would pull together!
My style icon was Melissa Joan hart, as Clarissa in the Nickelodeon show, Clarissa explains it all. 

There must be fellow fans out there?! I can't be the only 90's kid obsessed with her..!?  
- felt tip, marker pen, collage & photoshop

Sometimes, when I'm doing sketchbook work, I drift off into my own world. It is such a cathartic thing for me to do and my random expressions usually turn out something like this! 
'Head full of dreams'
- spray paint, collage, marker pen & photoshop

Possibly one of my favourite quotes I have stumbled across during this seasons theme.
Something I am holding onto tightly at the moment!

- collage, marker pen & photoshop

A page to honour my new found love of yoga! It was something I never would of thought that I could enjoy, let alone be good at.
Since taking it up last year, I practice a lot and use it as a tool to de-stress and release tension.
I also hold it accountable to the reduction in my migraines.
It was something that scared me.. but I did it... and I feel amazing and fell in love!


  1. That "no space for dreams" quote is the BEST EVER! I love that page so much that if you sold prints, I would buy one for my wall! What a freaking awesome reminder to chill out!! Xx

    1. DELANEY!!! I am planning (plotting) an etsy shop so when it becomes something I will definitely include this... you have no idea how nice and reassuring it is to hear something like that. You've made me feel all warm inside :) xoxo

    2. YES YES YES!!!!! This is the greatest news! So excited to see what you come up with! Xx