So even though get messy is changing and evolving (check out Lauren and Caylee's blogs for more info) I and many other get messyians have decided to keep up our regular Thursday postings. It's a habit I absolutely love and because I make myself carve out the time for it, my creative soul is happy :) Olsen Marble

Olsen Marble 

I think this is one of my favourite pages I've created I a long, long time. This image is everything and teamed with the cut outs and marbled pieces, it just make my eyes happy :)

- collage, potato print & nail varnish marbling


This is a collaged piece using a photograph I brought at a vintage fair (there was a bundle and I live them all- is it weird?!) along with magazine imagery, a new home card I received this summer and some final scraps of laser cutting from my uni days! The right hand page was made during a glue shortage so I used acrylic instead.. Works pretty well and I love the blue against the smoggy sky!

- laser cut, collage & acrylic

It's not me, it's you

An homage to Lily Allen. True love. 

- ink, watercolour, felt tip, tea stain & collage 

Somewhere only we know

These little penguins were from an advert for Austria and I've given them a new home here with a new bird friend and other collaged pieces. I love penguins and it often surprises me that they don't appear more in my sketchbook work! 

- collage & watercolour 


  1. So much technique and so many wonderful pages, you've been busy! Clever lady x

    1. Thanks! :) I usually do big batches of a certain technique, hoard them all and then bring them back out later in life! ;)

  2. I LOVE FRAGMENTS! And of course the Lily Allen page x