This is my first ever blog post and it is quite.. daunting! I have started this up as a place to share my ideas, creations and adventures... All spurred on by my joining of an awesome group of art journal-ers called Get Messy. We post pages every Thursday and once a month, these pages are based around a theme, so the sketchbook work I create for this will be the back bone of my blog! #getmessyartjournal

I hope that through this blog I can connect with like minded people, spur myself on to record trips, document life and be creative in more exciting and innovative ways.. ! 
I also hope to get over my fear of writing and words.. (Here's looking at you, dyslexia) I have always felt I can express myself so much better with imagery so I will end this start up blog with some little snippets from my life lately.. 

The most delicious and decadent Gluten Free Afternoon Tea at 2 Oxford Place, Leeds 

Wishing I could build a fort and live in my grandparents garden forever .. 


Obsessing over Taylor Swift, as per usual 

And trying to work up the courage to get a Sunflower Tattoo (but where? And in colour?!)

Thanks for visiting! :) xo

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