It's the week before Christmas and I have the grinch spirit in my heart...
(Kinda, I'm actually feeling pretty festive but it doesn't come across in this weeks pages at all)

A quick heads up before we get into this post - we were prompted to try and create digitally this week for get messy. I took this full throttle and every single one of my pages has a digital element to it! It is so much fun and second nature for me really, to create in this way. 

My Style
- collage, marker pen, ink & photoshop

I have been collecting feminist quotes from modern popular culture for  awhile now. I have even taken to illustrating and selling them! This particular gem comes from Jessica Day (new girl) and resonates with me deeply. I am a strong believer in doing whatever is right for you and not fitting in just because it makes life easier. 

Toy Soldier
- collage, marker pen & photoshop

I used this image by Tim Walker from Vogue to create a little nutcracker fairy tale scene. I've never actually seen the nutcracker so I have re-imagined it as Cinderella. Her prince charming (toy soldier come to life) taking Cinders home after one too many gins at the Christmas ball... the moon is full and the clock strikes midnight! Back to the woods they go.... 

You Know
 - collage, marker pen & photoshop

This page is nothing more really than happy co-incidences. I like the saying of better the devil you know and the push out of your comfort zone it rouses. 

- Photoshop

I spent last weekend writing letters to my younger self (coming soon) and I must of been feeling that same nostalgia when creating this piece. I am always loathe to include images of myself in my art journalling but I quite liked this one. I have covered it in layers of old photographs of my student work and places I visited during that time. It is a classic "emo" type of layered obvious photoshop style and it really makes me reminiscent of my younger youth. Myspace and Juliet Simms and being reckless. Ahh. <3 


  1. I love that 'co-incidence' page and flowers in there! Beautiful pages! Again!! :)

  2. Your emo page is speaking to my fellow emo soul. So dark, so moody. All your pages are amazing! Especially love that first page & Jessica Day! Aka the best character ever.

  3. Replies
    1. It's my space camp moon! Shows up regularly...