Starting of with a bold statement.
Best. Season Yet.

To be alive
- acrylic & pen

Because sometimes the world is horrible, scary and atrocious.

Magic in my mind
- collage, stencil, pen, acrylic & photoshop

The immediate link I make with magic (after witches and love and the sky) is imagination. I think believing in magic - 
or anything really - only takes a little imagination and I know that I have a lot!


One Day
- ink, acrylic & pen

This is a magical quote of I ever saw one! There's the full moon just hiding in that envelope... 

It's a kind of magic
- collage, ink, acrylic & photoshop

Juliet in a collaged magical art journal world ... 

Dream | Real
- acrylic & marker pen

I had originally cut these letters out of magazine and collaged them on but then decided that I hated how they look. Turns out they were pretty good stencils though! I also wanted this to say Dreams over Reality but I ran out of space! Even though these mishaps happened, 
I still really like the page and it's abstract  Ashley Goldberg style. 

I implore you to check out the rest of the talent in get messy through blogs, instagram wherever and also to sign up and become a messian yourself! At the start of a new season, there's no better time to join up.. and we all need a little magic in our lives ;) 



  1. Off to a great start! I love how fresh each Season feels as we collectively dive in. Magic in my mind is my favorite xx

  2. I love the pages! To be true. Ashley Goldberg style is the way!!

  3. Love them as always Julia- especially love the One day quote, I might steal it :)

    1. You're more than welcome to it, I look forward to seeing the theft :) <3

  4. Always inspired after visiting your blog and that's a kind of magic right. Thanks for sharing some of your thoughts and process too. :)