I'm really enjoying Collage Club. It's pretty laid back and you have the whole month to gather ephemera and thoughts about your creations. This is my third month in the program and the theme for August was black and white. I originally thought this would be difficult for me because I'm pretty colourful in my work but once I got around to collecting items to scan - I found a huge host of monochromatic joy! 
True to form, I created all of my collages in Photoshop - I enjoy the challenge of using digital and am trying to better my collages with each month. 
Everything I made for this theme has a sort of teenage, childhood angst feel to it. I don't know if it's because I am always reminded of those days most in summer or if it was just the images I found... but they look as if they are from some melancholic coming of age film. Which I really like ! 

Play Safe 
- photoshop

Remember having to come home from playing out before it got dark because that's when bad things happen? 
These birds are my angles of doom, waiting for the flower moon to come up full force so they can act out terrible events.. 

Candy Pier
- photoshop and monoprint 

I grew up next to the seaside and know all too well the feeling of a touristic place winding down after the summer. 
It's a little too cold, you're a little too young and everything is a little too serious.

Can You / You Can 
- photoshop

Break away, be yourself, confront your fears, not turn into your parents etc, etc.
I don't know why Kaya Scodelario became the poster girl for my collages this month, I guess she has that perfect angst-girl vibe (anyone else a fan of skins??) as well as all my images of her were black and white! I like this predictable growing up and rebelling image a lot. I can relate so hard. Even though I'm 27 I think I'll always have rebellious streak inside of me. 

Thanks for looking through and reading about my work for this months collage club. Join up if you're interested via the facebook group and come collage with us! I promise not everyone's work is as deep and dark as my own ;)

I also just found out that we have a group Pinterest board so if you want to see what the rest of the club are creating, give it a look! 


  1. I love everything you touch, I swear it's true.

    1. Right back at you Vanessa. Always <3

  2. Your words here are just as powerful as your collages Julia - love that idea of rebellion, of the 'flower moon' (great term!), melancholia and that end of summer, staying out late, teenage feeling - all the feelings. And loved Skins too. Your work really speaks to me xx

    1. Ah, a fellow skins fan ;) I can't believe you like my words too, part of setting up my blog was to help improve my writing so that means more to me than you would think. Thank You !!!!!!!