This weeks creative challenge (and monthly milestone!) for Find Your Voice was to think about your story and your autobiography, as it were. 

Art + Me
- collage, ink & marker pen

This is the intro into my life. A true love story between me and art. Art saved me and art gives me purpose. I know this sounds dramatic but it's true!

 Your Vibe
-  watercolour, stamps & fine liner

A continuation on my theme of creativity. Connecting with like minded people and joining creative communities really makes me happy and in a way, feel less weird. I have found my tribe within get messy as well as all my friends IRL and that gives me purpose and happiness and joy! 

It's what you don't do
- collage, washi tape, watercolour & marker pen

These words are from Lianne La Havas' new song which I am obsessed with. I was playing it the other day at home and Mark said to me; 
is this a song about you and me? Yup.  

- collage, washi tape, felt tips, stencil & fine liner

Good love is healthy, happy and enhances us as people. 

- collage & pen

When I was in high school I was really good at cross country / long distance running. I was in competitions and was enforced to run as much as possible. 
I was constantly told how natural my talent was because I hardly ever trained but could perform well and consistently. Fast forward ten years and I am shit. 
I still have quite good stamina and I can always pull a sprint finish out but I am constantly surprised how bad I have become! One of my bucket list items is to run a marathon but I will actually need to train for that and it just doesn't add up in my mind. Sometimes I wish I had taken it all more seriously at the time but I found it so dull and boring I'm also glad I didn't ! 

- watercolour & pen

As a child, I was taken to the Natural History Museum by my parents to try and show me that dinosaurs were in fact real. I thought they were like fairies and goblins and monsters - fun for stories but made up. My visit to the museum didn't help much as I wasn't convinced. Even now, I struggle a bit.. 
because - where did they go?! Why were they so big and then everything now is so small?! I like the mystery of never really knowing or understanding and I like to learn more about archaeology and paleontology to help improve my knowledge and understanding. 


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