This is my second month of creating for Collage Club and the theme for July was something I really could sink my teeth into; Beautiful.

I knew straight away that I wanted to create challenging pieces that made you think and question our standard of beauty today.
So much emphasis is put onto women to make themselves look perfect and so much that you see in social media etc isn't really real that I think it's hard to know when to stop. I worry we will all end up like the people in the Capitol (sly hunger games ref) and eventually stop looking like real human beings at all. 

Whilst preparing for this months theme I watched a video by beauty vlogger Em Ford. 
If you haven' seen this - I highly recommend it. It's is a video to how people reacted to her bare face without any make up. As someone who also suffers from acne, it was a really interesting video to watch and it certainly cemented my thoughts and feelings about beauty and how people perceive it. 

Personally I believe that beauty comes from within. I know a lot of people who I once thought were stunning but the more I knew them as a friend, became less attractive to me because of their ugly characteristics - and vice versa. 

These collages touch upon these themes and explore the strange, mismatched society we are living in today. 

(A bit deep for a collage maybe? ;)

- collage, marbling, stamps & photoshop

This is a quote from Erin McKean I think it symbolises everything I was trying to get across and having the make up bag in the background, 
coupled with a lot of pink just re-iterates the point. 

'Nothing Is Real'
- collage, marbling & photoshop

Top image is of long lensed cameras - bottom image of surgical equipment. 
I wanted these images to be like background noise to the colourful statement text. 

' Something Beautiful? '
- collage, marbling, stamps & photoshop

Thanks for the words, Paloma <3

And that's it for this month! Check back at the end of August for my response to that months theme. 


  1. Love these Julia amazing as always. So true as well. We need to love ourselves first and your true beauty will always shine through

  2. I love the messages here Julia and the images you've chosen to complement the text. So inspired!

    1. Thanks Rebecca! That's a maasive compliments!! :D

  3. Yay, it's great you are in the Collage Club too now! I'm with you on the "Beauty comes from within " and I love how you have brought your style to collage and the collage club.

    1. Thanks Em! I'm happy to be involved and loving the prompts so far :D