I have started a summer project! 
Find your voice is hosted by the super creative Kristin and is a six week summer workshop all about stories, writing and finding your VOICE. 
The class is totally free so there's really no reason not to give it a go!

Being as I always prefer pictures to words, I thought this would be a cool challenge and might help me create more personal art journal pages - 
which is something I am always striving for but finding very difficult at the same time.

This post is from the first lesson which are released weekly on Kristins blog. 
I am hoping to become more regular with the lessons and my posting, but at the same time think that being relaxed and not pressuring myself will warrant more actual learning and hopefully create results that I can be proud of. 

I have decided that my 'theme' will be untold stories. Ones I have heard through my family, ones from my own history, ones that I hear on the street and think are funny or interesting or valid. Everyone has a story because life is unique in its very nature. I also am obsessed with stories from times I wasn't alive and love to talk about other people rather than myself - always. 

I plan to use collage as well as painting, illustrating and mixed media in my FYV journal. I want to keep it completely organic and natural - 
no photoshop allowed ! This is a challenge to me in itself and should prove interesting.... 

Title Page
- collage, washi tape, marker pen & felt tips

I always like to keep the first three pages blank. they're like the beginning of a book to me.
Anyone else?

- pen, collage & felt tip

Trying to explain what this series will be about. Stories, the past, holding onto memory ..

Youer than YOU
- collages, spray paint, marker pens

This Sr Seuss quote just seem to fit in with my theme perfectly. 

I hope you have enjoyed my first entries into the written world and will continue to follow mine, and others journeys into finding our voices this summer !


  1. love your take on this project, J!

    1. Thank You.. it has a bit of 'unfinished spirits' about it.. I think I was inspired!! <3