Because life isn't busy enough, I joined another art group!
I found The Collage Club on facebook, via the lovely Rebecca's blog. Check her out - her work is full of colour and life and always inspires me! 

A quick summary of the club: 
"For those who like to stick,paint, sew, draw, paste, cut, glue, colour, edit, fold, add, rip, layer and do whatever they need to do to make a collage. "

The way it works is every month we get a set theme and at any point during that month, we can post what we created either in the FB group or on our blogs, like I'm doing here. The theme for June was vintage and these are my creations... 

'Every Day'
- magazine, marker pen & photoshop

I wanted to create a page about the 'perfect housewife' which is ever prevalent in vintage imagery of women. I love bygone eras and often think I might of suited them more than the modern day (!) apart from the attitudes towards women. There is still a long way to go until equality is reached for all genders but looking back on some of the media from the 40's and 50's really makes you appreciate how far we have come. I wanted this page to evoke the domesticated lifestyle that women were expected to create, whilst obviously maintaining an idyllic home and happy husband. I liked the phrase 'every day is a new day' as a sort of mantra for the women in the collage. every day is a new day to become something other than what you were told you could be.... or maybe I'm thinking about this too much?!

Fun fact - the house in this is actually my parents first property! 

'No Place Home'
- collage & photoshop

I really love the understated beauty of this piece. It's made from war time styled images I found in a recent vogue as well as framed dried flowers I have on my office wall and the text is from an old uni project. ironically the project was about losing things and I seemed to of lost 'like'. I am quite fond of 'no place home' as a saying though. I know it doesn't make sense but I kind of read it with a pause. 
No place.... Home. Aw.

The theme for July is beautiful and I can't wait to get started! I am in from the beginning this time too, so hoping for a few more to share at the end :) 

Julia xo 


  1. I love both of these. I'm 100% with you about bygone eras and their views on women. And I may have accidentally joined the group...eeeek!

    1. Thanks Vanessa, I knew you would! ;) and you've joined too... YEY! :D

  2. These are great Julia! I adore how you used an image of your parents first property in "Every Day" and love the use of layers in "No Place Home". Welcome to the Collage Club x

    1. Thank You Karen!!! I don't usually put personal things into my pages but I really like the subtle link with my parents house <3 I really enjoyed creating these pieces and I'm excited to have this new group to obsess over and be inspired by :) Thank You, Thank You! :D

  3. I love your style and the stories behind your collages. I think the representation of women, now and particularly in vintage imagery is something that resonates with all of us in the group and collage is a great way to explore it and offer alternate viewpoints. The layering in the second image is just dreamy. SO glad you've joined the collage club and thanks so much for the shout out! <3 xxx

    1. YEY! I'm happy to of joined too!!! :D Thanks for your kind words, looking forward to starting next months theme :)