It's the second week of get messy art journals season of adventure and this week we have been given a game to participate in, rather than our traditional weekly prompts.
The game concludes tomorrow and I will be posting about it, but for now, here are some pages I made this week - around the theme of ADVENTURE ! 

Save for adventure
- photography, oil pastel & photoshop

This quote is something I said to my friend the other day when we were having a general life chat. Once I said it, she said it sounded like a motivational quote.. Aha! Put it in some art! 
The background images I used are a merge of Tokyo and Kyoto, I love how the oil pastel sits against the bright neon lights of the city.

Washi Watercolours
- washi tape, watercolour & found things
I really enjoyed painting out these mandala type flowers. 
I thought they would make an ideal home for some of the Japanese ephemera I collected from my recent travels and I just liked the girl from my recent zine collaboration  in the mix too! 
I like to pretend she is me and I'm in Japan with all the flowers and... my imagination has gotten the better of me ! 

Curiouser & Curiouser
- collage, watercolour & pen

Seeing as colour is my default, I thought a clean, monochromatic page could be fun!
This reminds me of alice in wonderland (obviously) and in real life, sits alongside the image above. i think they compliment each other well and sum up the season of adventure well!


  1. Beautiful, thoughtful pages full of colour and vibrancy and your friend was right - a great quote on that first page! I also think of bright colours and tickets and pattern when I think of 'adventure'. Can't wait to see your Get Messy Game pages! xx

    1. Thanks! yes, classic adventure collage material for sure ;) I'm going to put my get messy game pages up here tonight I think! :D

  2. Wow just wow these are beautiful. My favourite is you oil pastel one I love how the letters pop. It's such a cool page

  3. Great quote, love the oil pastels ( will be digging out mine now) and the curiouser and curiouser page just grabs me somehow. Love your imagination gone wild too! Emily :)

    1. Haha! Thanks Emily! ;) Get hose oil pastels out!! An under-rated journalling tool in my eyes :D