Today I am sharing my first get messy prompts of 2015! 

Challenge #1:Journal prompt: Choose one word to sum up this past year. Write it, stamp it, type it boldy. Add no explanation, your word will speak for itsself.  Art Prompt: Use a full page from a magazine as your background for your word.

My word was 'responsible'. I feel like 2014 was a year I grew up, half from choice and half from necessity! I wanted my pages to reflect my own pride and positivity at this change as well as the overwhelming sense of being a real-life grown up.. which I think I am now.. eeek! 

- magazine, highlighter & ink

Challenge #2Journal prompt: Set one crazy bucketlist goal for yourself this year. Choose one thing, that if you really work and plan for, you can accomplish that is so far outside your norm it scares you a little. Go skydiving, ride an elephant, get a tattoo.  Art prompt: Find photos, words, etc to represent your goal and get you excited about it! Make 2015 the year you surprised yourself with your own bravery!  

2015 is set to be a real adventurous year for me - I am going to Japan in May, have plans to explore my home neighbourhood of Norfolk and also my current living county of Yorkshire. I also want to fit in a few European city breaks at the end of the year, just to see as much as I can! I like that my 2014 is set to be almost opposite of my responsible 2014 ;)

- magazine, washi tape, oil pastel & pen


  1. Using a highlighter on your pages, brilliant! I love that idea. Also: a little jealous of your travels! I have some paper supply store addresses for you for Tokyo. I almost lived

  2. Sorry, post got interrupted. Anyway one of the stores has 9 floors of goodness! Incredible, i wanted to live there. You will love Japan because it's super colorful like you!!!

    1. Ahhhh! Amazing!!! Yes, let me know where.. I am beyond excited, it's an absolute bucket list adventure and most days I'm too excited to even believe its real :D I think my soul will be very happy with all the colour :) <3

    2. sent you a DM in Instagram!!! You can take a look at my Tokyo album if you want : but don't if you want to save the surprise!

    3. Thank You!!!! I'm going to definitely check it out :)