Today I wanted to share some useful, time and money saving beauty discoveries that I have found on the wonder that is Pinterest ! I am a full on Pinterest obsessive and these little beauty hacks have changed my world (slightly dramatic statement)

001: Coconut oil lip sugar scrub

I found this amazing make at home recipe last year, I was suffering with an awful cold and my lips were peeling, dry and super chapped. It's ridiculously easy to make, I had all the ingredients in my kitchen cupboard and it took less than 5 minutes! Coconut Oil is one of my top products: hair mask, body moisturiser, lip scrubs, cooking... Everything !

002: Baking soda and cocoa powder dry shampoo

This is a new one, and I turned to this out of sheer desperation! I ran out of Dry Shampoo the other morning and needed a quick fix! The one downside is that it isn't as convenient as a spray but it's definetly a good option if your skint or just want a more natural option. The cocoa powder in this also will keep your hair smelling beautifully all day long! 

003: Milkmaid braids

Milkmaid Braids are a lazy girls (hello) ideal hair style. I had seen this style about for a while (looking at you, cherry healey) but until I saw it deconstructed on Pinterest, I didn't know how easy it was to do. It's something I get loads of compliments on when I do my hair like it and looks cute and folky :)

004: Olive oil as eye makeup remover

This is a duel time and money saver! Olive Oil  (mixed in with a little water) will remove mascara and waterproof mascara as well as moisturising your eye area and acting as a night cream. All for less than a £1 per bottle... Winner! 

If you have any Pinterest Hacks you want to share, please comment! :) 

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