Hello another fabulous creative #getmessyartjournal Thursday!

Furry Stripe Pink

This is a little scrappy collage I made from odds and ends that I couldn't find a home for, but liked too much to throw away! The right hand image is from my session of marbling using nail varnish. It worked so well and was quite addictive actually! Possibly down to my ridiculous collection of nail varnishes ..... 

He for She

A few weeks late, perhaps, but non the less still relevant. I was, like so many, inspired greatly by the speech Emma Watson gave on feminism. I have always been a feminist, was raised in a gender equal household and even wrote my university dissertation on the impact feminism has had on the fashion industry. I hope Emma's speech inspires many more people and shine a light on what it is to be a feminist in 2014. It isn't just for women, it isn't man haters and it isn't an outdated or unnecessary cause. Go Emma! He for She! 

Collage Mountain

This page is a little gothic, a little sci fi, a little mix and match.. It started just with the pink spray paint and then evolved once I added in the collaged section on the left. They all ended up monochromatic and looked to me, like mountains. I then added in the inky 'moons' which is when this pages took a strange science fiction turn... It's probably not what most people will see when they look at this and I like the idea of it representing different things to different people. Like all art, really! 

Paint & PVA

I'm always a fan of a ink splatter, abstract, Jackson Pollock page. I'm not a massive lover of red (in design - elsewhere I'm kinda obsessed.. Red hair, red clothes etc) but I thought I'd try it out here for a change.. I also used PVA glue on this page just to get a little shine and different texture. I'm kinda in love with this page and am considering doing a series, in all different colours... Watch this space! 

This week has been very autumnal and I definitely feel like snuggling down for winter and preferably  hibernating.. Failing that, I'll see you all again for next weeks pages.. If not before!

As always, please, please check out the other #getmessyartjournal participants! 

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